Presentation is everything

As artists, our work is an extension of ourselves. Everything we do from a doodle to a completed piece represents us and our creativity. Far too often I see amateur or less experienced artists post up work to the public domain, that is blurry, poorly lit, poorly photographed, wrong way up to view, or photographed from across the room. It often comes with excuses, like I don’t have a good camera, or I don’t know how to take a photo. If you don’t take the time to present yourself and your work to the highest standard, how can you expect others to appreciate it?

I rather not post work, than to post work poorly. I cant stress enough how important it is to see your art as a professional extension of yourself. Make the extra effort and always put the best foot forward!

A quick bit of effort with a frame to make a 20 minute plein air more presentable

Think about it from a food viewpoint. You walk into a coffee shop and sit down at the wobbly table.I swear every coffee shop in the world has a wobbly table and I always get it. Anyway, there you are sitting there and you look at the basic menu on a scrap of paper. It says a coffee and a piece of bread with chocolate for 6 euro. Hmmm, doesn’t sound too good for that money does it. What if it said a hand crafted medium Latte with a freshly baked pain au Chocolat? Sounds good right? Exact same item presented differently. Presented better, means you can charge more, companies do it all the time. Take the time to present even your worst doodles if your going to show them to the public, and never let yourself or your art down.

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