Ignorance of the Digital Medium

This week, I once again found myself locked out of submitting work for a large competition simply due to the fact that I mostly work in digital, and if its digital, it must be the devils work right? I mean, forget all those thousands of hours spent learning, sleepless weekends, millions of sheets of paper and who knows how many drawings I have done to get myself to a somewhat decent level. It means nothing. I can simply press a button and Photoshop works its magic and hey presto, a work of art. Simple. When everyone else struggles with their traditional mediums, I laugh and need not worry about values, shape language, composition,etc as all I have to do is sit back,relax and let the computer do the work. It may as well work like that considering the stonewalling and reluctance to those of use who use digital.

30 mins speed paint ©2019

Its an everyday medium of choice in the entertainment industry. It allows artists to work with speed and produce in volumes as is required when your working on movies and video games, but only when the artists have the fundamentals down. No amount of digital trickery or fancy filters can compensate for poor perspective, bad composition or values, or inadequate colour theory. If you dont have the core skills, digital wont help you. So why the distrust, why when you can submit collages as in the case of the competition I wanted to enter, can you not do the same with a computer? Is it fear of having the competition seem unbalanced? I don’t buy this as its open to both amateur and professional artists. That in itself is a huge gap of the talent pool and already skews the concept of “fair” .

Whats even more ludicrous is the fact that your art has to be submitted as a jpeg? You know, a digital format. We live in an information and digital age, so I really don’t understand the fear shown against the digital artist. The digital medium is here to stay like it or not. Its time to embrace it as another tool and understand that it will always be the artist who creates, not the paintbrush or in this case the digital pen. If you liked this article, please like and share and help me out! Its appreciated.

Story Illustration for an MMORPG game. ©2019

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