Aviation Art

Here you will find my aviation artwork. I have a passion for WW2 aircraft in particular. I tend to go for more of a fantasy approach, that is not technically or historically accurate, although I can do that if your interested in an art commission. Just send me a mail with the subject line, “commission” or “Freelance”, and I will get back to you!

©Irish Aer Corp Silver Swallow formation Display

A fictitious painted scene based very loosely on the 367th Fighter Group over France in 1944. I had this as a line drawing for ages,and just couldn’t settle on a lighting scheme I liked. One morning I opened it and just painted and everything went according to plan, although I did do some exploration value paints of the scene before hand. Its often about solving problems before you encounter them. Lesson here, is to never give up.

©P51, 357th Fighter Group,France 1944. Kaboooom!